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 In-assisted living homelife.  

Welcome to Pleasant Living Assisted Living Homes!

Our Goal For You: That, in our home, you find happiness and contentment while enjoying every day to its fullest.


Pleasant Living Arroya & Pleasant Living Vista are beautiful homes that have been created to be loving, kind and safe homes for your senior loved one. We have combined decades of senior-care & health care experience to produce a wonderful and enjoyable place to live, participate in fun activities, eat very well, as well as rest and relax. Whatever your desire, we provide at Pleasant Living. Your happiness and contentment are our goals!

A Safe Place

Our perfectly flat (no dangerous carpet, step-downs, or indoor ramps) single-story homes are decorated modernly and are very spacious. High ceilings and open rooms combine to add a level of luxury rarely seen or felt in an Assisted Living home. All three bathrooms are equipped with roll-in showers (wheelchair-accessible) and many grab bars that provide safety and security. At Pleasant Living, we wrap your loved one in Dignity, Respect, Compassion, and Safety. You will be happy in knowing that you acted well by finding your family member's home at Pleasant Living.